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With over 30 years of experience, Advanced Concepts are the experts in providing Non-Slip Floor Treatments for tiled and concrete surfaces. We offer a range of chemical and environmentally friendly solutions for your home, public walkways or workspaces.

Each application is performed by experienced tradesmen, whose product knowledge and expertise ensures the best service for your home or place of work.


Non-Slip Floor treatment

Non-slip treatment can be applied to new or existing floors both indoors and outdoors. It is an odourless, clear chemical that reacts within the pores of all tiled floor surfaces, including marble and concrete floors and even bathtubs.

The chemicals penetrate the surface and form microscopic suction cups at each pore. These cups immediately react to wet conditions and provide essential friction when walking across the surface eliminating slipping problems when wet. To achieve the best results, we continuously apply the chemical until the floor becomes completely non-slip. The floor is then washed and instantly ready to use.

You can also wash away any grease, grime or dirt that accumulates after the treatment has been performed and your floor will still retain its powerful grip during wet conditions. Unlike traditional floor coatings, our product is not a coating – it’s a solution that absorbs into the floor and you won’t have to worry about surface damage affecting the solution’s performance over time. And your floor’s natural qualities will remain the same!

Each application is guaranteed for up to 3 years. Or a lifetime guarantee, should you wish to take up our 3-monthly non slip maintenance clean.

High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning is a fast and effective way to improve the look of your residential or commercial premise or bring any surface back to life without relying on harsh or corrosive chemicals. Using our advanced pressure cleaning equipment, our professional tradesmen remove all signs of dirt, grime, oil, grease and other contaminants by using high pressure steam and cold water to perform each cleaning job.

Our services cover all aspects of your home or workspace, including:
• Driveways
• Patios
• Pavers and Pathways
• Factory Floors
• Concrete
• Exterior House Washing
• Exterior Commercial Building Washing
• Bricks

Residential Pressure Cleaning
Households are prone to a variety of problems throughout their lifetime. Exterior walls, driveways and outdoor entertainment areas are regularly exposed to rainfall, wind and other harsh weather conditions; rooftop tiles and gutters become blocked by leaves and other debris; and pathways become filled with dirt and other grime due to pedestrian traffic. High Pressure Cleaning is an environmentally friendly way to preserve the quality of your estate and a quick and simple way to remove these ailments.
We apply non-corrosive chemicals and practice safe cleaning methods during the application process. Our tradesmen thoroughly wash away any contaminants, whether that be on your rooftop, driveway, exterior walls or paths, and leave them looking as good as new.
Not available during the day? We offer flexible working hours for busy residents and families. Whether you need us early in the morning or after-hours, we can arrange a suitable time to meet your needs.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning
Your commercial property experiences high levels of traffic from staff and customers. And if you’re operating a factory or warehouse – providing a safe walkway for your workers is incredibly important.
We perform high pressure cleaning for a range of commercial environments including industrial buildings, automotive workshops, council buildings, public schools, clubs, hotels, offices, hospitals, restaurants and nursing homes.
Our professional tradesmen are fully insured and we adhere to strict OH&S standards. We offer flexible working hours to accommodate for your business needs and if you need us after-hours or early in the morning, we can arrange a suitable time for you.

External Strata Cleaning

We understand the importance of maintaining your strata property’s value and ensuring your lot is well-maintained so that tenants are assured of the best living standards.

External strata cleaning refers to hard surface cleaning. It involves the cleaning of tiles, handrails and/or fences that is not often cleaned by other routine cleaners or gardeners. Advanced Concepts provide quarterly visits to clean such surfaces and areas to ensure they are always kept looking brand new and free of grime.

Our Strata Cleaning service cover all property types, including:
• Apartments
• Units
• Townhouses
• Mixed Retail and Residential Properties
• Retirement Villages
• Commercial Offices
• Factory Units

Once-off or Quarterly Maintenance Cleaning

Advanced Concepts provide a once-off or 3-monthly/quarterly non-slip maintenance clean at a minimal cost to ensure your home or workspace is kept clean and safe.


Reduce Insurance Premiums and Injuries

When running your own business or managing a company, the safety of your employees is a high priority. We take the stress out of upholding OH&S standards by providing you with a long-term solution against accidental slips and falls.

Our Non-Slip Floor Treatments save you money on costly insurance premiums and down-time caused by staff injuries. We offer a low-risk solution to improving your workplace safety, which is distraction-free and ensures the wellbeing of your team members.

Keep Your Family Safe

Home-related injuries are a common problem in residential areas. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or cleaning the bathroom, there are many potential hazards sitting within your reach. Even simple mishaps like spilling water can cause serious injury to you or a loved one. By having your tiled floors professionally treated by us, you can prevent minor issues causing major harm to your family.

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